WordHouse Mission, Vision and Target.


God has empowered us by His word through the Holy Spirit to empower others to discover, pursue and actualize their God given and ordained purpose in all walks of life; and towards the work of the ministry and the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth.

  • Reconciling and connecting men and women, old and young back to their Creator through love and making heaven our ultimate goal.
  • Equipping, Packaging, Presenting and Releasing leaders into their ordained purpose of God to positively impact the Kingdom of God and the world at large by the power in the word of God, through the help of Holy Spirit.
  • Raising men and women of faith, excellence and wisdom via the impartation and empowerment of the teaching and preaching of God's word and the Holy Spirit.
  • Raising men and women of integrity, dignity and wisdom to participate in politics and government reformation to effect a positive change in all walks of life by empowering every individual throughout the entire nation.

TARGET: Youths, men, women, singles, married and the professionals, who despite their busy schedules desire to honour, worship and serve God. There is an awesome opportunity to achieve this Godly desire while you maintain your professional schedule undistorted and still give all of your heart to God; the very best of you to your Creator-your Father.

Our obligations to you is to keep teaching and praying for you always.