Welcome to WordHouse International Christian Centre highly resourceful website and also welcome to a season loaded with God's Waves of Glory for you (Haggai 2:3-9). This is the season you have been waiting for and we believe this is the reason for God directing you to this website. Note- You are not here by accident but by His sovereign plan and purpose. Please take advantage of all the resources made available for your spiritual edification.

Remember that there is no case too late for our God. It is your own season, your own time and your own year for unusual transformation.

You are God’s target for an unstoppable agenda of glory this year. There are Waves of Glory sweeping across the earth to terminate every shame, reproach and oppression of the wicked. I see your place and portion in this move of the Spirit becoming evident in all aspects of your life. It will interest you to know that God created you for glory. The Psalmist makes it clear that you were created “a little lower than the Angels, and crowned with glory and honor.” Psalm 8:5. Therefore, your head shall wear the crown of glory this year. Honor shall be your garment and the banner over you in all your ways.

 You are to vehemently resist every issue of shame around you right now in order for you to gain access into this season of glorification. Engage the requisite violence of faith to possess your inheritance. When you insist on your right, Satan cannot resist. I see you going from glory to glory as the Waves of Glory decorate your life with its treasures, again and again in the course of this amazing year.

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Surely, this is your own year!

--- Freeman Ileyemi